When you combine your love for weddings with your love for organising the best events... that's when the magic happens!

This is me ... I'm Catherine! If we're getting 'formal', I'm the "founder" of Love That Wedding!, but I much prefer to think I'm just one part of an amazing team (by team I mean my awesome family and friends, who can often be found helping me at our busy shows).

Love That Wedding! is, in a nutshell, a beautiful platform where the finest wedding suppliers from across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset can showcase their fantastic businesses, products and services and where Brides & Grooms planning their big day across the region and looking to source those wedding suppliers, can find them ... with ease.

It will come as no surpise to read that a) I love weddings and b) I love events. I mean I seriously LOVE events! Whether it's going to events (any kind of event featuring food and drink is always a winner for me) or organising events - when I'm working on or having fun at events, that's when I'm happiest, and when work and fun combine (as they often do) ... well life doesn't get much better than that!

So where did this 'love' for events come from?

During my childhood and teenage years, I remember my Mum was always organising some kind of special event - whether it was a family celebration or a fundraising event... you name it, Mum was organising it and I used to love to help out ... funny, now it's Mum (and Dad) helping me with MY events!

Skip forward a few years and it was whilst studying German & French at Exeter Uni, that I found myself thinking up and organising all sorts of social events for everyone on my course - I loved the buzz of bringing everyone together and we all had SO much fun - it made us all so much closer.

After graduating in 2004 and not sure what I wanted to do with my languages degree (!), after a short spell working in recruitment, redundancy led me to running Salisbury & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, where among other things I organised the big South Wilts Business Expo and Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinners (incidentally at the very venue where I now organise our big Salisbury wedding show) as well as Chamber Charity Golf events and many a business networking event. Wanting to pursue something a little less 'business suits' and a lot more 'fun', I eventually left the Chamber to set-up my own events company and I guess this is where I say "the rest is history".

Whilst we've been trading as Love That Wedding! for 2 years, we have in fact been in business since 2008. In 2009 we organised our very first wedding show at Salisbury City Hall and having grown our business since and wanted to expand under a new name, we rebranded and having launched Love That Wedding! in 2015, we've never looked back.

Having scooped the South Wilts 'Entrepreneur of the Year' and South Wilts 'Business Personality of the Year' Awards along the way, and recently worked with global drinks giant Bombay Sapphire and organised a brilliant new wedding show at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Laverstoke, I'm hugely excited for the future of Love That Wedding!, which will see us expanding and organising more events and shows.

Our passion for perfectly organising only the best events is there for all to see and there's nothing we love more than 'marrying up' our soon-to-be-weds, with the finest wedding suppliers from across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset. Helping Brides and Grooms tick everything off their wedding to-do lists so they can plan their own very special Love That Wedding!, and helping businesses to grow, is what drives us and our own business, every single day.

Whether you're a Wedding Supplier or a Bride/Groom - we can't wait to meet you soon.