I was born in Barcelona and moved to Salisbury 8 years ago to pursue a career in filmmaking. I'm happiest with a camera in hand or when cooking a yummy Italian dish. Weddings are wonderful adventures and I still pinch myself when I think that I get to film such a special day and spend it with the kindest and coolest couples.

Your wedding is the day you celebrate every single part of your relationship and spread that love with your closest ones. There will be (with no doubt!) laughter, many tears, hugs and enough smiles to light up a whole marquee.

Put film in the mix and that's when the magic happens. The moment your best friends and your parents see you all dressed up and ready to go, the first steps and the emotion as you walk down the aisle, hearing the sound of your voices while you say your vows... Imagine, years from now, you could watch all of those moments that would take you right back to that feeling, that kiss or that speech you never want to forget.

For me, videography is not about pressing the record button and letting the camera roll. It's about those thousands of moments that sometimes go unnoticed and that make so much sense when put together. On the day I'm there to capture those pieces of the puzzle and after the wedding I carefully place them to form a beautiful moving story.

Getting married is an extremely exciting journey and your film will be the most visually moving and captivating heirloom ever created.


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rave reviews

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!  If you are hesitating about having a wedding video, don’t! We absolutely love it, and the teaser trailer is just awesome – such an amazing memento of the day. We have lost track of the number of times we have watched them! Friends and family still mention our teaser trailer to us and say how incredible it was. It captured all the smiles and laughter of the day but in keeping with those special heartwarming moments.  

The music was just perfect and brought it all together so beautifully. Thank you Irene - you were so great to work with and sorry but we even forgot you were there filming us on the day! We are so pleased that we decided to have a wedding video and we would thoroughly recommend you! Thanks again!"


Islington Town Hall
The Canonbury Tavern

"My husband and I are completely blown away by Irene.  She was wonderful to work with from the start - warm, welcoming, and helping to put us at ease that we'd have nothing to worry about except to have fun and enjoy our day.

Irene was incredibly professional but also fit right into my bridal party from the very start of the day. She seemed to know exactly the shots she wanted and continued to impress us with how quickly she worked - ensuring we were able to relax and enjoy our day. 

We were captivated by Irene's use of light, incredible editing, and ability to capture organic moments. My husband and I didn't want our wedding film to feel formal or stiff, and Irene's style seemed like the unique alternative we were searching for. She manages to capture moments that so often get missed in the fast-pace of the day, and it's been a gift to be able to now have a collection of these special moments to cherish for the rest of our lives."


St Paul's, Onslow Square
The Londesborough

"We booked Irene and Sammy based on the recommendation of our photographer and having watched some of their work. When we met with them to discuss our plans for the big day, we both knew we had made the perfect decision. The film is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone who has seen it can’t stop telling us how much they love it, and it just captures the fun of the day perfectly.

If you aren’t conviced that getting Irene and Sammy to film your wedding day is the right decision, then just go and watch all their gorgeous teaser trailers and be prepared to have your mind changed. You won’t regret it."


The Little Theatre Bath
Court Farm