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    mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (4)

    Real Wedding | Dean & Emily | The Manor Barn | Winterbourne Stoke
    June 2018 | Mark Bastick Photography

    Last month our very own Love That! Loves Recommended Photographer, Mark Bastick, had the pleasure of photographing Dean and Emily's wedding at St Mary's Church in Shrewton followed by the reception at Manor Barn in Winterbourne Stoke.  The weather was forecast for 95% chance of rain all day but amazingly the rain stayed away and Dean and Emily had an amazing day!

    The staff and Pippa at The Manor Barn were fantastic, the meal was stunning,  the evening hog roast provided by The Farmer's Butcher was perfect and the evening was capped off with great dancing and music provided by Jumparoo - the whole day went exactly to plan and Dean and Emily and their guests had a wonderful day!

    Congratulations to Dean and Emily and of course to Mark for capturing so beautifully, their special day on camera.

    Mark is proudly part of  'The Recommended Collection' >>

    For more images of this super special Wiltshire wedding, see Mark's own blog >> click here


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  2. The Marriage Makers - Dinner Jazz Sax

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    dinner jazz sax (directory) (11)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Dinner Jazz Sax
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you, your fab business and what you can offer Brides & Grooms to-be!

    I'm Graeme and I specialise in playing music that’s perfect for the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast, yet has a laid-back feel and is always unobtrusive.  So,  whether it’s for welcoming guests as they arrive for the ceremony, playing as the bride walks down the aisle or jazzing up the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, the mellow sound of my sax will sumptuously set the tone for the big day.

    I’ve been trading as Dinner Jazz Sax since 2012, although I’ve been a professional musician since 1996, and am based in Salisbury. This is a great location as it means I can cover Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire although I am happy to travel further afield  - I’ve got a wedding later this year in Luton thanks to Facebook!

    Through this time, I’ve played at over 100 weddings and was delighted to win the Wedding Musical Act Of The Year for the South West region in the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards.

    Although it’s only me who plays on the gigs, I’ve got quite a team behind me without whom I couldn’t do what I do. There’s Tamsin who sorts my artwork and publicity, Pete who services my sax and keeps it sounding lovely - - and James who works his piano magic on the tracks that I play along to -

    Dinner Jazz Sax (1)

    What's your favourite thing about weddings?

    It's such an honour to be involved in the biggest day of people’s lives and I still get a buzz from knowing that my music is contributing to that magical day couples have been planning for years. I have a lot of contact with my couples in the months leading up to their wedding to ensure that the style of music I play is perfect for them, and this means that when we get to the big day itself, I often feel like I’m playing at the wedding of a friend.

    Dinner Jazz Sax (2)

    What's hot right now? Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    I’m noticing with couples’ music choices that they are looking for that surprise element either by choosing something modern but giving it a retro twist, or by harking back to the swing / rock’n’roll eras with upbeat tunes that just have a happy feel about them.

    Dinner Jazz Sax (4)

    What do you offer that others can't? What makes you different and why should couples book you?

    My sound is completely different to other sax players out there as it’s just my sax and a piano track rather than full on band tracks that other people use.  Although they have their place in the right setting, for me it’s that classic mellow sax and piano sound that works so well as background music and ensures that my music enhances, not overpowers, the celebrations.

    My set up also makes me different as I don’t need to plug in to a power source which gives me complete freedom and flexibility with where I can play. So, imagine it’s raining and we’re set up inside but then the sun comes out and all the guests head outside into the garden – rather than play to an empty room, I just pick my speaker up and follow them outside!

    There’s also the way that I’ve structured my pricings which is different to other musicians, yet I feel is much better for the couple and the flow of their wedding day. I charge by the segment of the day i.e. the ceremony, the drinks, the wedding breakfast or a combination of the three, rather than by the hour which means that if timings run late, you’re not suddenly left without music because the musician has reached the end of their paid time. With me, if I’m booked for the drinks reception, I’ll play through the whole drinks reception regardless of how long it takes.

    Aside from the music, I’m also very meticulous in my planning ahead of a wedding, both with the couples and with their venue, so that we all know in advance what’ll be happening on the day. It goes without saying that I’ll always turn up to a wedding smartly dressed, fully prepared and ready to go!

    Dinner Jazz Sax (3)

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Sophisticated, affordable, personal, versatile, experienced.

    Dinner Jazz Sax (1)

    Finally, what top tips would you like to give our lovely soon-to-be-weds, planning their big day?

    Research! Before you book, take the time to get a feel for the different suppliers by talking with them, have an email conversation, check out their social media to make sure that they, and the service that they offer, is what you want for your day. The best place to get the ball rolling is at a wedding show and there’s none better than the Love That Wedding show at Salisbury City Hall on Sunday October 6th. Ahhh, thanks Graeme - click here to find out more!

    Let's get sociable, sociable!

    Like me on facebook and follow me on instagram.

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  3. The Marriage Makers : Sarah Williams Photography

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    Sarah Williams Photography (5)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Sarah Williams Photography
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    Sarah Williams Photography consists of myself, Sarah the photographer and Alex, my husband and assistant who also takes photos too. We are based in East Sussex and Wiltshire but travel all over the UK - we have even captured a wedding in Italy so always happy to go where my couples' weddings take us!  I have been working as a professional photographer since 2003 and have been capturing weddings since 2007. The main photography services I offer are weddings, although I do occasionally do family shoots for my couples. I also work as a sports photographer specialising in Cricket and I work for Lord's Cricket Ground which I love.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry and with Brides and Grooms?

    I love everything about weddings and for me to be able to call this my job and capture each of my couple's beautiful weddings really is a dream.  It is so much hard work but also the most rewarding job too, and I really love to get to know each of my couples who choose me to capture their special day. Getting to be a part of each family for one day really is a privilege and I feel so lucky to be able to capture memories for my couples.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    I am certainly noticing a lot of my couples are going down the DIY route with their decorations and how they style their day to make it personal. I am seeing more al fresco celebrations and food is a big part in a lot of my couples day with a relaxed platter sharing style certainly starting to trend.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    I am all about personal service and I love to get to know each of my couples. I limit myself to a certain number of weddings a year as I really put so much into each wedding I capture. Each of my couples receive a welcome pack and we keep in touch right up to their day. After the wedding I like to hand deliver their final pack if I can and there are other little surprises I send out to my couples at the end of their wedding year too!

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Personal and friendly with a natural storytelling approach!

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Enjoy every second of planning your wedding because it really goes so fast. Don't be afraid to ask potential suppliers questions and make sure you feel totally comfortable with them and that they can provide what you both want. With your photography I always recommend my couples meet with/or have a phone call with a potential photographer in person if they can and also ask to see a full wedding gallery - not just photos that feature on an Instagram or Facebook page.

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    Please do take a moment to follow me on instagram and facebook for a flavour of my work!


    Sarah Williams Photography (2)

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  4. The Marriage Makers : Saddlers Bar

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    saddlers bar (directory) (3)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Saddlers Bar
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    Saddlers Bar is a beautifully converted Horse Box Bar. Lined with copper, decked with oak and filled to the brim with delicious drinks. We serve a wide range to suit all tastes but can also specialise if you simply prefer a gin/prosecco/cocktail/pimms bar for your big day. A unique feature of our Horse Box is our on-board draft system serving icy cold lager, cider and ales. Essentially if it's drink-related, we have it covered!

    - who are you/who's in the team? 
    Saddlers is a family affair. Lela looks after the customers and arranges our bookings. Al brings the muscle power and big smiles no matter what’s going on and Maddie, our daughter is great when we need an extra pair of hands behind the bar.   We work so well as a family because we know eachother’s strong points and weaknesses so we can really plough our efforts in to the things we are all good at. 

    - where are you based and where do you cover?
    Saddlers HQ is in the leafy outskirts of the beautiful city of Salisbury. We cover the whole of the South.

    - how long have you been trading?
    We launched in May 2018 with a very busy first year.  To date we have completed over 20 events.

    - what do you specialise in and offer?
    Aside from delivering a stylish luxury bar service with everything you would expect to find in a bar, we also offer drinks packages to suit all occasions; arrival/reception drinks, table wine, and bespoke themed cocktails designed and named especially for our clients.

    - any awards we should know about?
    AWARDS - YES! We were very fortunate to be nominated for the ‘Best British Newcomer’ in the British Wedding Awards. This category is voted for by the general public and so we were ecstatic when, in February this year, we were crowned winners. It is so nice to be recognised for our efforts and to have such a prestigious award in our first year. We’ve also been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 Muddy Stilettos Award for ‘Best Bar in Wiltshire’ – how exciting is that! Voting closes in 6 days, so if you’d like to vote for us, we would be super grateful - here’s the link >>

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    Our speciality is weddings! We have been privileged to be part of so many weddings in quite a short period of time. There is something very special about being able to contribute to such an intimate and special event, which makes our job so rewarding.  The bar is an integral element to any good party and so we really enjoy making sure that every little detail is taken care of; from our polished paintwork and shiny hubcaps, through to the quality of the strawberries in our pimms. We get even more excited if we can get a little bit creative and encompass the theme of your wedding in to the décor of the bar for the day.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Our predictions are around the "less is more" theory. We are seeing more and more small and intimate DIY weddings as couples want to personalise with meaningful touches that reflect their relationship, interests, and sense of style. Our old friend ‘tradition’ is often being offered the day off and little miss ‘creativity’ is working overtime to create less with more.

    From a Bar perspective this is definitely the year of the cocktail but, with a growing focus on quality and provenance of ingredients. There are so many good spirits on the market now, but there are also some pretty awful ones too. We take the guess work out and ensure top notch tipples by road-testing all of our products (tough job we know!).

    Couples are also loving having a personalised cocktail designed for them and named after them, or their dog, or even a special place.  

    What is not in, is over-the-top, in-your-face, bigger-is-better weddings. ‘keeping up with trends’ and filling the day with fussy trinkets and ‘wedding-alia’ is out, out, out.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you special?

    What attracts customers to our beautiful bar is our stunning good looks of course (the bar that is – not us)! We have spared no expense in creating a stunning addition to your big day with the highest grade materials of copper and oak, beautiful ambient lighting, and hi-tech equipment... the list goes on.

    What makes us different is that we invest a huge amount of time in sourcing great products from small batch producers and crafting excellent drinks from our finds. We meet the producers and each product has to earn a place on the shelf by demonstrating excellent craftsmanship, provenance and taste. This means that along with your all-time favourite drinks, in our bar you will always discover a new favourite to share with your friends. We believe this should be the benchmark standard for all bars and that everyone should be able to enjoy a little bit of luxury on their special day so, we keep our prices low. Simple.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Stylish, Sophisticated and Seriously-Good Drinks (is that 6 words?!?)

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    A common misconception is that it will be simple to buy your own alcohol and run a “DIY Bar”. The truth is, it can be achieved but it is certainly not simple. How much stock is needed? How do you chill your drinks? Glasswear? Who is responsible for the bar once everyone is tipsy? Who will clear up? What about allergies? And then there is the all-important ICE!!!! Who calls last orders? The outcome is often very messy.

    It can cost as little as £250 to hire a beautiful bar with licenced staff and all of the accompaniments needed, to serve deliciously chilled drinks to your guests, and we take care of the clear up operation too. After all of the effort that you will have invested in to planning your dream day, don’t leave this key element to chance.

    Above all, our general wedding planning advice would be to keep things simple. Work out a budget and keep a close eye on it. Pick your top 5 must-haves and build on them. Venue, dress/suits, bar, caterer, music.  If you are at the very early stages of planning, a good starting point for inspiration is pinterest.  Create a board for each of your top 5’s, but limit yourself to 10 images per board (one in, one out). This will help to narrow down what you want to achieve without swamping yourself with too many ideas.  

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    We would absolutely love for you to follow us on instagram and facebook, and if you're looking for a beautiful bar for your big day, please do bear us in mind. "Cheers!"


    Saddlers Bar


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  5. The Marriage Makers : Emily Celebrant

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    emily celebrant (directory)

     Meet the Marriage Makers | Emily Celebrant
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    I’m Emily and I am an Independent Celebrant living Marlborough, Wiltshire with my husband and cat, Holly who sometimes likes to make an appearance on video calls!  I travel all over the country to conduct wedding celebration ceremonies and absolutely love the variety in my work.

    I have been a celebrant for five years and began when I conducted my sister's wedding celebrations on a farm in Sussex.  I was hooked from that moment!

    It is important to me that each couple feels confident that they are at the heart of what I do.  I take a limited number of ceremonies per year to ensure that they are all bespoke and highly personal.  I only conduct one per day so that I can be flexible when last minute issues may arise. I take great pleasure in writing unique scripts, weaving in the important moments, adventures and funny quirks so that, on the big day there are smiles, tears and laughter as the couple and their guests journey together through the telling of a beautiful love story.  Some couples wish to include unity ceremonies and if they are not too keen on the usual ones, I’m happy to create a new one (or add a twist to the old). 

    In 2018, I won the award for the Most Outstanding Celebrancy Practice for Families and Couples in the UK.  This award was so important to me because it was voted for by the families and couples I have worked with, and it is their opinion that matters to me the most.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    I love the variety in my work, and the buzz of love!  When I first meet my couples and watch them go from being a little nervous to completely relaxed as they share their wonderful stories, and all the fabulous details about their relationship, I am always filled with excitement!  I can’t wait to start creating their ceremony, and making it perfect for them.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Hoops in all manner of shapes and sizes are very popular this season.  Hoops are great because they are highly symbolic of unity and togetherness which are the underpinning themes of a wedding celebration ceremony.

    I’m liking the move towards more colourful wedding dresses as well.  There are going to be some real treats on the aisles over the next couple of years. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing one of my brides next February – her dress is a masterpiece!

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you special?

    My couples are at the heart of all I do, and so it is important to me that their ceremony is perfect.  From the moment a couple first makes contact I spend a lot of time communicating with them, sharing ideas and thoughts, working with them to ensure I know what they really want from their ceremony.  I am creative, flexible, an excellent listener and 100% dedicated to my work.  My ceremonies always become an integral part of the celebrations, not just the bit before the party starts.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Bespoke | Heartfelt | Professional | Award-Winning | Personal

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Let your ceremony be a moment of sanctuary where you can reflect on your relationship, love, and the love you share with your family and friends.  Make it a true reflection of you as a couple, and allow your promises to come from the heart.  When you sit down to write these, don’t think too much; just feel.  Start by listing some key words, outlining what you love about one another and what promises you wish to make for your future together.  Use these as the core points, then your words will start to flow and your vows will be perfect!

    How are you different to a registrar?

    I am not a registrar, so I am unable to complete the actual legal signing of the marriage certificate or say the declaratory and legislative words.  However, there is no reason that I cannot work at licenced venues, because a celebrant-led ceremony has no legal status.  More often than not though, celebrant ceremonies are held in interesting or quirky locations in or outside unlicensed venues where a legal marriage ceremony is not permitted. 

    Many couples are now choosing to complete the legal ceremony on a different day during a more intimate ceremony with just their witnesses.  These tend to take place at the register office during the week.  It is always nice to follow this with a champagne lunch! 

    There are no legalities around the exchanging of wedding rings, and so many couples like to include this in their celebrant-led ceremony (or in both)!   At the close of a wedding celebration ceremony, there is the opportunity to sign a complimentary keepsake certificate as a lovely reminder of the day. 

    As a celebrant, I am not restricted by marriage laws, so I can conduct a ceremony at whatever time and wherever you like.  We can include any content you choose, for example a toast, religious blessings or ritual. These would not be possible in the statutory ceremony.  I also like to include a lot of personal detail, creating a unique script for each of my couples, making their day extra special. 

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    Do feel free to follow me on instagram and facebook, to get a better idea of how I can help!


    Emily Celebrant (Photographers - Pip and Simon)

    Photo Credit : Pip & Simon

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  6. The Marriage Makers : Bride by Design

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    bride by design (directory) (5)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Bride by Design
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    We are a small family-run business, run by Mother and Daughter team, Clare and Lisa.

    Based in the small market town of Warminster, Wiltshire, situated halfway between the cities of Bath and Salisbury, we also cover parts of Somerset and Dorset too, with towns including Frome, Shaftesbury, Gillingham, Westbury, Trowbridge and Melksham.Having a direct train line into Warminster means we also get lots of Brides travelling from London to come to us too. 

    We opened our boutique in January 2013, so we've just started our 7th year of trading.  We specialise in offering a beautiful range of designer wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal accessories such as shoes, jewellery, veils and hair accessories. 

    We were one of three finalists in the Wedding Industry Awards 2018 for ‘Best Bridal Retailer- South West’. Sadly, we didn’t win but we were very proud to have been in the top three and have our fingers crossed again for the next industry awards!

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    Our favourite thing about working in the wedding industry is helping our customers find their dresses of course! Seeing their reaction when their dress arrives and it’s all hanging up in the changing room waiting for them is just great! Weddings are such a happy occasion, so we love being involved and helping our ladies' plans come to life. 

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    We are noticing a huge change in dress colours.  When we first opened we were selling lots of white dresses, whereas now our ladies are asking for golds, champagnes, blush pinks and ivory. A few trends for next year’s Brides include lots of lace and shaped trains (when is lace not on trend for weddings!!) We do have some stunning plainer styles in store too, as we have noticed more and more customers wanting something just as beautiful but a little more understated.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you special?

    I think the main difference between us and our competitors and what makes us special is the fact we can have bespoke dresses made by one of our suppliers.  This gives our ladies the chance to make their dress completely unique and their own - it means if they find a dress which they love, but would like to add an illusion neckline of sleeves etc, then that’s exactly what we can do.  Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.  We are renowned in our area for giving excellent customer service too - nothing is ever too much trouble and we are here to help our customers every step of the way, from the moment they book an appointment with us right up until their wedding day! Our website testimonials speak for themselves and we are very proud to have such wonderful comments left about people’s experiences with us!

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Friendly, professional, accommodating, reliable and honest!

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely Brides to-be planning their big day?

    A few top tips for wedding dress shopping… be open minded when trying on dresses, you may fall in love with a dress which you would never have imagined choosing - but that’s OK and happens all the time! They look completely different on the hanger so be brave and try them. Don’t start looking for your dress until around a year before your wedding (unless you are just super organised). Looking too early will result in you possibly falling in love with a dress which will not be available to order nearer your wedding. Dresses usually have a 6-month order time, so coming a year before is perfect. Another top tip we have learnt over the years is not to take too many people with you dress shopping (no more than 3).  Too many opinions makes it impossible and ultimately it’s your dress and you have to have what you love, you can always bring your friends back to see your chosen dress another time.

    Anything else you’d like to tell us about? 

    Being based in a military town we offer a 10% discount for military personnel, so please bring proof of this to your appointment and we will be more than happy to offer this to you.  Please follow us on instagram and facebook, which will give you a little more insight in to your bridal experience with us. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


    bride by design (directory) (4)


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  7. The Marriage Makers : JASHAIR Group

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    jashair group (directory) 1

    Meet the Marriage Makers | JASHAIRGROUP
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your fab business!
    Hello, I’m Jayne Prigent and I own the JASHAIRGroup – we’re pleased to be celebrating 30 years in business and are regionally renowned for offering the best hair and beauty in the area.  With a team of 40, we have three multi award-winning salons in Salisbury, Wilton and at Parkwood Health & Fitness.

    What do you love most about weddings?

    Without doubt, our favourite thing about weddings is seeing a Bride’s reaction to the beautiful look we have created for her. We also love being part of the special day and meeting the family and close friends – it’s all so exciting and really does give you goosebumps!  
    What’s hot right now?

    For hair and beauty, we’re finding more and more Brides would like a natural look, and are opting for soft bouncy curls that are pretty and graceful.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    We love what we do and do what we love (little more than five words!)

    What do you offer that others can’t?

    Our team is super friendly, they’re all experts in their field and together we offer a relaxed environment in our professional salons.

    What advice would you like to share with our lovely Brides to-be planning their big day?

    Start early and make time for a hair plan – think about your colour, work on your hair’s condition and think carefully about the look you want to achieve on your big day.

    Anything else you’d like to tell us?

    Couple of things ... firstly, we'd obviously love to chat wedding hair with you, so do give us a call to make an appointment and secondly, together with Love That Wedding! we’re thrilled to be giving you the opportunity to win a JAS ‘BeautifulME’ Pamper Package - 1 hour 45 minutes of pure indulgent bliss.  Look out for Love That Wedding!’s facebook post in the next few days to find out how you can enter. 

    JAS - BeautifulME (SQ)

  8. Love That Wedding! NEW WEBSITE

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    love that wedding! (lydia stamps photography) (176)


    Exciting news guys, I've just hit publish on our fab new website! What started a week ago as what I thought would be a few small 'tweaks' here and there to freshen things up a little bit, has grown into a full-blown website 'redesign' with all new pages, and an updated fab new Recommended Collection - now categorised for ease of searching. 

    I must say a massive THANK YOU once again to Lydia Stamps who has kindly allowed me to share some of her beautiful images across the site - be sure to check her out

    Hope you love what you see? Would love to know what you think, so feel free to comment below.

    Over the coming days and weeks I'll be taking a much closer look at our 'Recommended Suppliers', so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, go and make yourself a cuppa and take a little look around... you're very welcome here.

    Happy Monday lovelies!

    Catherine x

  9. Love That Loves! Discover 'The Recommended Collection' - home to the finest wedding experts from across Wiltshire, Hampshire & Dorset | #lovethatloves

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    love that wedding (recommended) sml

    Have you discovered 'The Recommended Collection'? Not yet? You really need to!

    It's the start of the first full working week of March! Oh my goodness, how is that even possible? We've had a crazy busy start to 2019 here at Love That Wedding! and the last two months have absolutely whizzed by in a flash.  What have we been up to I hear you ask? 

    Well, we've already hosted two big wedding shows in Poole and Marlborough, and there's another happening this coming Sunday 10th March in Salisbury at the City Hall [FIND OUT MORE]. We've also hosted more of our lovely "Mingle & Meet" wedding supplier soirees and we've been SUPER busy behind the scenes working on 'The Recommended Collection' and that's what I'm here to talk to you about today ...................... I've got some awesome new wedding experts to introduce you to, who have all recently joined our growing "family" and been added to the Love That! Loves List and I also wanted to remind you who's already in our "gang".  I'm soooooo excited to share everyone with you - they're all SO fab, it's no wonder we love them.

    What is 'The Recommended Collection'? Allow us to tell you more ... 

    The Recommended Collection is a fantastic group of the finest wedding experts you'll ever have the pleasure to meet and they're all based in either Wiltshire, Hampshire or Dorset.  These guys proudly take their place on the 'Love That! Loves List', quite simply because we love them and we know you will love them too. We'll be telling you lots, lots more about 'The Recommended Collection' and all our lovely suppliers within it, over the coming weeks and months, but for now, let's take a little look at who's currently on the list and who's recently been added to the list. 

    Recently recommended Love That! lovelies :

    bride by design (header)

    Bride by Design

    Wiltshire’s most luxurious bridal boutique, situated in the small market town of Warminster, Wiltshire - just a 30 minute drive from both Bath and Salisbury

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    victoria fergusson accessories (directory) (7)

    Victoria Fergusson Accessories

    I believe I have the best job in the world! Trusted with creating the beautiful finishing touches to a Bride's look. Whether it be a statement headdress, delicate earrings or a bespoke hand-beaded dress applique, these are the items treasured and kept as heirlooms. I get to work in a sparkly, pearly tinted world!

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    Brides of Winchester (2)

    Brides of Winchester

    Leave everyday life at the door; enter a haven of tranquility where discerning, style-conscious Brides from around the world come to find their perfect wedding gown.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    bridal hair in hampshire (directory) (1)

    Bridal Hair in Hampshire

    Stunning and creative Bridal Hair for today's modern bride - professional, highly-experienced, on-trend designs.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

     emily celebrant (directory)

    Emily Celebrant

    Award-winning celebrant who loves to bring your beautiful story to life... who knew a wedding ceremony could be so much fun!

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    cakes by helen (directory) (2)

    Cakes by Helen

    Beautiful wedding cakes made with love, creating something truly special for your perfect day. Bespoke elegant designs and delicious flavours with a personal and professional service.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    dawn clarke designs (header)

    Dawn Clarke Designs

    It's truly magical creating beautiful bespoke children's clothing, working hand in hand with a Bride and Groom where the children are very special to them.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    teresa jolly (directory) (7)

    Teresa Jolly Makeup

    Beautiful, luxury makeup from a professional makeup artist with 10 years’ experience. Flawless, radiant, long-lasting makeup for the best version of you on your wedding day.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    love by design (directory-header)

    Love by Design Weddings & Events

    Whether your venue needs a complete makeover or you just need an extra hand putting up decorations, Love by Design is here to help.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    celebrant sally bawden (directory) (9)

    Celebrant Sally Bawden

    Life is a celebration. Let’s make memories together. Your ceremony, your choice. Make it unique and personal.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    charlee hulbert makeup (header)

    Charlee Hulbert Makeup

    Independent, highly qualified, experienced Bridal Makeup Artist - Charlee specialises in makeup techniques perfect for the modern day bride.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    the sweet suite artisan cakery (header) Aimee Joy Photography and Design

    The Sweet Suite Artisan Cakery

    The Sweet Suite – Artisan Cakery, is a multi award-winning cake company based in Dorset, creating stunning wedding cakes, dessert tables and favours.

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    primo parties (directory) (5)

    Primo Parties

    Award-winning wedding DJs providing bespoke packages throughout the South - your wedding, your choices, your day. The perfect soundtrack to the best night of your life!

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    mk hair and makeup (header)

    MK Hair & Makeup

    Multi award-winning Hair & Makeup artist Marie Kelly will have you looking picture perfect for your big day.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    nanny nellies attic (directory) (2)

    Nanny Nellie's Attic

    Beautiful, timeless, vintage pieces always catch my eye! They inspire me to put together a creation as individual as you, while encompassing the aspirations of your theme along with a practical budget.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    saddlers bar (header)

    Saddlers Bar

    Offering a diverse range of beverages, from draft ales and lagers to craft spirits, Saddlers is a beautifully converted vintage mobile horse box bar finished to the highest of standards.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    love that wedding (recommended)

     Keep on scrolling! Here's a quick reminder of who we've been "Loving & Recommending" for a little while :

    amazing face (directory) (10)

    Amazing Face Bridal Hair & Make-Up

    Beautiful, bespoke, award-winning bridal hair and natural makeup throughout the South West. Our technique spotlights natural flawless foundation with soft focus blending and creative up-to-the-minute hairstyling.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    ben radley wedding films (directory) (4)

    Ben Radley Wedding Films 

    I love making wedding films. I have a desire to constantly perfect each and every film I make for my wedding couples. I specialise in creating cinematic, emotional and creative wedding films to allow you to remember your day forever. Each film is tailored to the couple, and I am creating it in my mind from the day I first meet you.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    dinner jazz sax (directory) (11)

    Dinner Jazz Sax

    Playing music that's perfect for your ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    jashair group (directory) 1

    JASHAIR Group

    Jashair's award-winning Hair & Beauty salons are ideal for your special day!

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    joe stallard photography (directory) (1)

    Joe Stallard Photography

    Joe lets his reviews speak for themselves, working with you to capture the wedding you want in a relaxed and discreet manner. Catching memories and creating stunning photographs you will cherish for a lifetime.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    kismet photography (header) (9)

    Kismet Photography

    Sonja & Harry are recognised as talented experts in their field. We are our couples' eyes throughout the day, we don't insist on time-consuming groups and awkward moments, we go about our business discreetly.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    legacy rose and crown hotel (directory)

    Legacy Rose & Crown Hotel

    The Legacy Rose & Crown, with its beautiful riverside location and picturesque views over to Salisbury Cathedral, will be the most romantic setting for your special day.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    lydia stamps photography (directory) (7)

    Lydia Stamps Photography

    Lydia Stamps is a multi award-winning creative wedding photographer. Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire but working all over the world, she specialises in creating fresh and natural images in a relaxed and unobtrusive style with no awkward posing or hours of formal shots

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    mark bastick (directory) (7)

    Mark Bastick Photography

    Mark provides beautiful and natural wedding photography you and your family will cherish forever. Offering a tailor-made service he will ensure you get exactly the quality and expertise you would expect from an experienced professional photographer.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    milton abbey (directory) (8)

    Milton Abbey Weddings 

    Welcome to Milton Abbey – one of Dorset’s most spectacular locations for weddings and civil ceremonies, located just a short distance from the towns of Dorchester and Blandford.

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    njac (directory)

    NJAC Event Bars

    NJAC is the quality event bar service in Wiltshire, Hampshire & Dorset, specialising in cocktails. All budgets can be covered, including free bar hire!

    Find us on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    occasions (header)

    Occasions Flowers & Venue Styling

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and your floral designs and venue decor play a huge part in making it special. I work closely with my brides on a very personal level; I like to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and then from small ideas, together we can build and create the vision you have. 

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    sarah williams photography (directory) (1)

    Sarah Williams Photography

    Sarah is a South Coast and Wiltshire-based natural documentary wedding photographer who loves to capture happiness, telling a story of each wedding day she photographs with beautiful images.

    Find me on the Love That! Loves List >> CLICK HERE

    We'll be sharing with you more exciting news about this lovely bunch of wedding experts very soon ... in the meantime, please check out their beautiful pages and book them confidently, knowing you're in the safest hands - we will only recommend the best suppliers we know you can trust!

    Top Image | Lydia Stamps Photography

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    Welcome to Love That Wedding! | the beautiful home of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset Weddings ... and a very warm welcome to our brand new blog - it's really great to have you here.

    Love That Wedding! | for Brides & Grooms

    Firstly, huge and heartfelt CONGRATS to you on your engagement - the team and I are beyond happy for you - exciting times ahead guys and the fun has only just begun! A big thank you for swinging by our lovely site and stopping by our blog - I'm SO thrilled you found us and I hope that you're equally as excited to be here. 

    Our brand new blog will bring you all the inspiration and ideas you'll ever need, to help you plan your best day.  It's here we'll tell you all about the wealth of wedding talent from across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, who will make sure your big day is the absolute best day and everything you'd ever dreamed of.

    We'll let you know about our fabulous, much-loved and must-visit wedding shows (widely regarded as some of the best in the region) and introduce you to our many trusted wedding experts based in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, who we couldn't be prouder to 'Love & Recommend'.  These guys are some of the best in the biz and you can book them all confidently, knowing they won't let you down.  You'll find them all on the Love That! Loves List : 'The Recommended Collection', so be sure to check them out now and keep checking back regularly, as the collection is always growing.   

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    We've helped hundreds of wedding suppliers over the last 11 years and have been extremely fortunate to see many a wedding business launch, flourish and go on to achieve truly amazing things.  Whether you're just starting out in the wedding industry or you're a "seasoned pro", if you want to get more weddings booked, there are a variety of ways we can help you.

    Follow our blog posts to find out about exhibiting with us at our Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset Wedding Shows; to find out about our monthly "Mingle & Meet" wedding supplier soirees and to discover how to join 'The Recommended Collection' and enjoy the many benefits.  We'll also share on our blog other events we're organising that we think will be of interest to you.

    Thank you for reading!

    Having just re-launched our Love That Wedding! blog, I'm SUPER excited to share with you many an interesting post throughout 2019 and beyond, starting today.

    Thanks so much for reading - the team and I can't wait to see you soon.

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