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'GETTING TO KNOW YOU!' | KISMET PHOTOGRAPHY - 'life through a lens with Salisbury-based husband and wife creative duo, Harry and Sonja'

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Hugely exciting news Ladies and Gents, Brides and Grooms... today we're catching up with "Loved & Recommended" Kismet Photography, we're talking trends and finding out what their top tips are, for couples planning their big day. 

1. Tell us a little about Kismet Photography? Where are you and who are the faces behind the business? Who can we find in the office?

Kismet Photography are Harry and Sonja, husband and wife creative duo plus right hand person Amanda our office Queen.  Gemma is our wedding editor and photography assistant and Lee is our 'on the day' wedding coordinator at our own wedding venue.  One of the area's best kept secrets, our 300 year old barn and field on the outskirts of Salisbury, offers an unspoilt and rustic space to make your own.

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2. What’s in a name? Why ‘Kismet Photography’?

The name Kismet means destiny, fate or as we like to say, "It is meant to be". The name came about in our search for studio space potentially in the Trafalgar Park area when we launched our business. As it happened this space didn’t work out but from the Trafalgar connection we settled on the name for our company ‘Kismet’ supposedly from Admiral Nelson’s last dying words. We liked the positive connotation of these words and for weddings feel it has the perfect meaning; from thereon, everything fell into place.

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3. Why did you choose to become wedding photographers, how long have you been capturing weddings and what do you love most about your job?

We have been working in the Print and Photography industry now for over 30 years which has evolved naturally into our perfect job, working as photographers together and growing our business into what it is today.  It is the most flattering thing to be asked to photograph someone’s wedding, it is a life changing day and being able to share in that and express the significance and emotion of that day through the camera is a fantastic thing.

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4. How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

A mix of contemporary and traditional, giving a timeless image. We particularly love to work with couples who share our passion and value what we do. We especially enjoy the opportunity to use creative lighting and produce images that will stand the test of time, producing Wall Art  that evokes emotion and beautiful memories.

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5. Briefly, talk us through a typical wedding day shoot?

The weddings that we shoot are all so very different and it is wonderful that these days so many couples choose to create unique and creative celebrations that truly reflect who they are. We do still photograph many weddings that we would consider to be modern day traditional weddings and it would be fair to say that the majority of weddings fit into this category. I think that many couples really don't appreciate how much flexibility and creativity is possible and permitted!

A typical wedding shoot for Kismet will see Sonja photographing the Bridal Preparations whilst Harry may be with the Groom before meeting up with Sonja to finalise the Bridal Prep pictures together. We then work together or independently  throughout the remainder of the day photographing all the key moments, details and people, taking great care to work discreetly and unobtrusively. A very special time for every couple is their Private Portrait session where we whisk them away from their guests for about 20 minutes. This is usually the only time on a wedding day where our couples can enjoy each other's company alone . . . except of course for their Ninja photographers! We are always told how much our couples value these special minutes alone.

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6. When it comes to wedding photography, couples are spoilt for choice. What
makes you special and why should Brides and Grooms choose you?

Both of us very much like to take a back seat when we are photographing a wedding and quietly capture all of those exciting and tearful family, friends and private moments, a kind of visual script of the day if you like.  Working together makes it possible, to capture all aspects of the day and to see events as they unfold from differing perspectives. We make a great team and can usually anticipate what the other is about to do. Sonja offers the creative eye whilst Harry is the techy guru and together this makes a great combination.

So what are the benefits of choosing us? Well we certainly know our stuff! We have been doing this for years, and whilst training isn't the be all and end all we have been formally trained so combined with our experience any couple can be rest assured that their wedding photography is in safe hands. Photography is our full time profession, this isn't something we do on weekends to give us a little extra money, we take our business seriously and we know how important it is to get your wedding photography right!  As full time professionals you have the reassurance of knowing that we use equipment that is up to the job, we have back up gear, we work with a range of lenses to give you a variety of images, we back up your images in triplicate, we are fully insured and we will look after you.

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7. Who or what inspires you and how do you keep those creative juices flowing? What makes the perfect wedding album?

We get our inspiration from everywhere, like most visually creative people, but especially Sonja who has a passion for capturing the detail in nature with a macro lens whilst Harry loves to capture shape, form and motion. Of course we are inspired by some of photography's greatest but frankly don't obsess about competitions or following other photographers. We admire art in all its forms that demonstrates a good understanding of composition, colour and light and love to play around with lighting ourselves to give artistic and interesting imagery.

The perfect wedding album tells the complete wedding story, instantly transporting our couple right back to the magic of their very special day.

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8. Let’s talk trends … what kind of weddings are you mainly ‘shooting’?

We are huge fans of the 'off the wall' wedding and love to capture those quirky little details of the alternative couple.  At the other end of the scale we relish photographing sumptuous high end celebrations too.

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9. When it’s not weddings, what else do you love to capture on camera?

Sonja has recently launched Little Bean Baby Photography for babies up to 14 days old and continues to enjoy her jewellery photography whilst Harry has a full diary working with Artists, capturing and printing their work and a growing portfolio of commercial clients.


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10. If you weren’t a photographer, what else would you be doing now/what job would you love to do?

Neither of us would wish to change what we do.


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... and finally, are there any special tips you want to share with our Brides and Grooms?

Oh there are lots and lots! Over the years we have encountered all manner of situations, most of which could have been avoided if only someone had taken the time to show or explain. Sometimes these are things that cost time, money or stress or even all three and most of the time these could have so easily been avoided.  It has been Sonja's dream over recent years to find a way to help couples plan their weddings, save money, avoid stress and share inspiring ideas, and so, in 2015 Barnfield Weddings was created to deliver Wedding Planning Workshops. Our workshops have proved to be very successful with couples and suppliers alike. Every few weeks we gather our team of preferred suppliers and host a themed Wedding Planning Workshop in our lovely old barn where information, ideas, hints and tips are freely shared over supper and drinks in a relaxing and non salesy environment.


Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (10)

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