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The Marriage Makers : Emily Celebrant

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 Meet the Marriage Makers | Emily Celebrant
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Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

I’m Emily and I am an Independent Celebrant living Marlborough, Wiltshire with my husband and cat, Holly who sometimes likes to make an appearance on video calls!  I travel all over the country to conduct wedding celebration ceremonies and absolutely love the variety in my work.

I have been a celebrant for five years and began when I conducted my sister's wedding celebrations on a farm in Sussex.  I was hooked from that moment!

It is important to me that each couple feels confident that they are at the heart of what I do.  I take a limited number of ceremonies per year to ensure that they are all bespoke and highly personal.  I only conduct one per day so that I can be flexible when last minute issues may arise. I take great pleasure in writing unique scripts, weaving in the important moments, adventures and funny quirks so that, on the big day there are smiles, tears and laughter as the couple and their guests journey together through the telling of a beautiful love story.  Some couples wish to include unity ceremonies and if they are not too keen on the usual ones, I’m happy to create a new one (or add a twist to the old). 

In 2018, I won the award for the Most Outstanding Celebrancy Practice for Families and Couples in the UK.  This award was so important to me because it was voted for by the families and couples I have worked with, and it is their opinion that matters to me the most.

What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

I love the variety in my work, and the buzz of love!  When I first meet my couples and watch them go from being a little nervous to completely relaxed as they share their wonderful stories, and all the fabulous details about their relationship, I am always filled with excitement!  I can’t wait to start creating their ceremony, and making it perfect for them.

Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

Hoops in all manner of shapes and sizes are very popular this season.  Hoops are great because they are highly symbolic of unity and togetherness which are the underpinning themes of a wedding celebration ceremony.

I’m liking the move towards more colourful wedding dresses as well.  There are going to be some real treats on the aisles over the next couple of years. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing one of my brides next February – her dress is a masterpiece!

What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you special?

My couples are at the heart of all I do, and so it is important to me that their ceremony is perfect.  From the moment a couple first makes contact I spend a lot of time communicating with them, sharing ideas and thoughts, working with them to ensure I know what they really want from their ceremony.  I am creative, flexible, an excellent listener and 100% dedicated to my work.  My ceremonies always become an integral part of the celebrations, not just the bit before the party starts.

What five words would you use to describe your business?

Bespoke | Heartfelt | Professional | Award-Winning | Personal

What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

Let your ceremony be a moment of sanctuary where you can reflect on your relationship, love, and the love you share with your family and friends.  Make it a true reflection of you as a couple, and allow your promises to come from the heart.  When you sit down to write these, don’t think too much; just feel.  Start by listing some key words, outlining what you love about one another and what promises you wish to make for your future together.  Use these as the core points, then your words will start to flow and your vows will be perfect!

How are you different to a registrar?

I am not a registrar, so I am unable to complete the actual legal signing of the marriage certificate or say the declaratory and legislative words.  However, there is no reason that I cannot work at licenced venues, because a celebrant-led ceremony has no legal status.  More often than not though, celebrant ceremonies are held in interesting or quirky locations in or outside unlicensed venues where a legal marriage ceremony is not permitted. 

Many couples are now choosing to complete the legal ceremony on a different day during a more intimate ceremony with just their witnesses.  These tend to take place at the register office during the week.  It is always nice to follow this with a champagne lunch! 

There are no legalities around the exchanging of wedding rings, and so many couples like to include this in their celebrant-led ceremony (or in both)!   At the close of a wedding celebration ceremony, there is the opportunity to sign a complimentary keepsake certificate as a lovely reminder of the day. 

As a celebrant, I am not restricted by marriage laws, so I can conduct a ceremony at whatever time and wherever you like.  We can include any content you choose, for example a toast, religious blessings or ritual. These would not be possible in the statutory ceremony.  I also like to include a lot of personal detail, creating a unique script for each of my couples, making their day extra special. 

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Do feel free to follow me on instagram and facebook, to get a better idea of how I can help!


Emily Celebrant (Photographers - Pip and Simon)

Photo Credit : Pip & Simon


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