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  1. real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (1

    Real Wedding | Vicky and Nick | Romsey Abbey & The New Forest

    July 2018 | featuring Love That! Loves Amazing Face Hair & MakeUp
    Angela Ward-Brown Photography

    Do you ever look at photos of Real Weddings and think "maaaaaaaaaaaan, I'd LOVED to have been a guest at that one"?!? This is certainly true of us and Vicky (Tic) and Nick's beautiful wedding, which took place in July - you'll soon see why... it's simply stunning!

    We discovered Vicky and Nick's gorgeous day through one of our superb Love That! Loves Recommended Suppliers - the 'amazing' Amazing Face Bridal Hair & Makeup of Dorset.  Amazing Face exhibited with us for the first time last year and joined us at our hugely popular Salisbury Love That Wedding! Show - it was here that Vicky met the lovely Caroline (the makeup "half" of Amazing Face), fell in love all over again and immediately booked them to do all the hair and makeup for her big day. How fab is that! We're really not surprised Vicky snapped them up there and then and good job she did - this wonderful team of Bridal Hair and Makeup Artists based in Dorset, are often booked up months or even a year or more in advance, as was the case here with Vicky.

    Amazing Face are all about making their Brides "look naturally you, but a little more exquisite" and this is exactly what they've achieved with Vicky and her gorgeous 'maids - all 8 of them!!! We absolutely LOVE every single beautiful look Caroline, Elke and the team created and I'm sure you'll agree the girls all look absolutely stunning... it's SUCH a pretty wedding. We can't stop swooning over Vicky's super chic bridal gown (IT EVEN HAS POCKETS!) and as for all those stunning flowers Jo Hicks created... WOW! Special mention too, to Angela Ward-Brown for capturing so wonderfully, this special day on camera - we particularly love the action shots of the bridal party and guests all trying to stay grounded, whilst battling the wind.

    We would like to pass on our huge CONGRATULATIONS to Vicky and Nick and we wish you guys every happiness for the future.  Thank you both so much for joining us at our wedding show - we're so pleased to have introduced you to Amazing Face - great work team! xx

    Vicky said of Caroline, Elke and everyone at Amazing Face ... "Caroline, Elke and Emily were fantastic on the morning of the wedding and leading up to it. They made sure we ran on time (as that is my biggest bugbear) and we were early to the church - that never happens right?!? Would recommend these ladies to anyone ... and the rest of the team that helped make our day amazing."

    Discover Amazing Face's beautiful page within our "Loved & Recommended" Directory >>

    Discover more of this beautiful wedding on Angela's blog >>


    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (2

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (5

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (3

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (7

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (6

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (1

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (1

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (1

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (1

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (1

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (2

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (2

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (2

    real wedding - vicky and nick (amazing face and angela ward-brown photo) (2

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  2. mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (4)

    Real Wedding | Dean & Emily | The Manor Barn | Winterbourne Stoke
    June 2018 | Mark Bastick Photography

    Last month our very own Love That! Loves Recommended Photographer, Mark Bastick, had the pleasure of photographing Dean and Emily's wedding at St Mary's Church in Shrewton followed by the reception at Manor Barn in Winterbourne Stoke.  The weather was forecast for 95% chance of rain all day but amazingly the rain stayed away and Dean and Emily had an amazing day!

    The staff and Pippa at The Manor Barn were fantastic, the meal was stunning,  the evening hog roast provided by The Farmer's Butcher was perfect and the evening was capped off with great dancing and music provided by Jumparoo - the whole day went exactly to plan and Dean and Emily and their guests had a wonderful day!

    Congratulations to Dean and Emily and of course to Mark for capturing so beautifully, their special day on camera.

    Mark is proudly part of  'The Recommended Collection' >>

    For more images of this super special Wiltshire wedding, see Mark's own blog >> click here


    mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (1)


    mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (6)


    mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (2)


    mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (5)


    mark bastick photography (real wedding - manor barn - 260718) (3)


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  3. nJac

    '10 minutes with...' | NJAC

    07919 096457 | | Wiltshire

    Time for a cocktail? I think so! Today we're catching up with Josh Pugh, owner of  "Loved & Recommended" NJAC. We LOVE team NJAC here at LTW! and have had the pleasure of working with them on a number of occasions.  Having sampled *quite* a few of their cocktails at many of our events (yep, love our job!), we can certainly vouch for their professionalism, dedication and downright delicious drinks! Josh... over to you!

    1. Who are the faces behind the business? Tell us a little about NJAC. Where is, and who can we find in, the office

    Josh is the face of the business, but NJAC is a family business run from our office within our family home in Salisbury.  My wife Soffia does a lot of the admin and planning and even the kids get involved in loading up and cleaning the bars and packing away.

    2. What’s in a name? Why ‘NJAC’?

    It stands for 'Not Just Any Cocktail' - the idea is that an NJAC cocktail is the real deal and not just a packet mix cocktail or something heavily thinned down with mixers - we use only the best ingredients, fresh juices and recipes we have mastered over time!

    3. What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

    Our biggest achievement is probably being the first person to win the SWBOYA Young Entrepreneur Award... two years running! We were also quite proud to be interviewed by BBC Radio and to have made cocktails for some well-known celebrities we won’t name…

    4. Spill the beans… how did you get into mixing cocktails and how long have you been running NJAC? What do you love most about your job?

    NJAC has been running for over 3 years now and I gained my cocktail education just before setting up the business. It was very much with NJAC in mind when I was learning my trade, however I have always had a flair for cocktails and catering. I love the creative side of my job; I love to experiment with flavours and discover new pairings and new cocktails.

    5. When it comes to wedding food and drink, there’s so much choice… what makes you unique and why should couples come to NJAC for their wedding bar?

    We only got married ourselves last September and feel like we have this new found understanding of how important every detail is! We pride ourselves in what we do and also love doing it, giving you a flawless, stress-free bar so there is one less thing to stress over!

    6. Briefly, talk us through a typical wedding consultation?

    We really want to make the bar service as personal as all the other aspects of the day, so we like to get to know our Brides and Grooms and understand their theme from their prospective. So we like to meet with the couple and create a bespoke menu together with them, we normally look at flavours and options and have some tasters to get the right mix - we often even design a drink to go with the colour scheme or something that is personal to the couple!

    7. Who or what inspires you? Do you ever come up with your own unique ‘NJAC’cocktails?

    I am inspired by striving to be unique. Therefore creating our own cocktails is absolutely essential. For example I recently created a Lemon Meringue Pie cocktail which was absolutely delicious and is proving to be a massive hit on our menu at the moment.

    8. Let’s talk trends… what kind of weddings are your couples planning? What are they looking for in bar hire?

    At the moment there is a lot of country style weddings, Prosecco is high fashion, especially for the reception and we are seeing a lot of Prosecco Bellini’s and Apperol Fizz for reception drinks - cocktails over all are in fashion, Champagne is a thing of the past!

    9. When you’re not busy working weddings, how else do cocktails feature in your business?

    Weddings are only a part of what we do, we do a lot of garden parties, birthdays, corporate events or anything really. We host a lot of fun masterclasses which are brilliant for team building or hen parties - even non-alcoholic events! We also offer fantastic packages for the corporate sector and the MOD.  Anywhere you could have a drink, we’re there!

    10. If you weren’t a mixologist, what else would you be doing now/what job would you love to do?

    I would be a football coach! I recently worked at Bemerton St John Primary School as a football coach, alongside NJAC and we won the league with the boys' and girls' team and the cup with the girls! However, NJAC is far too busy to keep that going!

    11. Come on then… what’s your favourite cocktail(s)?

    It’s an impossible question to answer! It’s like having to say which one is your favourite child!! Saying that, a properly made Mojito never goes a miss!

    12. What exciting things can we look forward to in the future?

    We always get asked about the future of NJAC and where do we see NJAC in a few years? And the answer is always... the sky is the limit!  We started with a small one man bar in the back of a Clio - we now have 3 bars and are looking at investing in a couple of others. We now have 2 awards, a van, accept card payments and are serving at events we thought we’d never go to - we want to look back at that in 10 years' time and think that’s nothing!

    Thanks so much Josh - right, we're off for a Cosmo! To find out more about NJAC's Wedding Bar Hire & Cocktail Package, click here

    Pssstttt : if you're considering a DIY bar, that's great, but we recommend you read this first!

  4. kismet photography (header)

    '10 minutes with...' | Kismet Photography

    01722 398822 | | Wiltshire

    Hugely exciting news Ladies and Gents, Brides and Grooms... today we're catching up with "Loved & Recommended" Kismet Photography, we're talking trends and finding out what their top tips are, for couples planning their big day. 

    1. Tell us a little about Kismet Photography? Where are you and who are the faces behind the business? Who can we find in the office?

    Kismet Photography are Harry and Sonja, husband and wife creative duo plus right hand person Amanda our office Queen.  Gemma is our wedding editor and photography assistant and Lee is our 'on the day' wedding coordinator at our own wedding venue.  One of the area's best kept secrets, our 300 year old barn and field on the outskirts of Salisbury, offers an unspoilt and rustic space to make your own.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (9)

    2. What’s in a name? Why ‘Kismet Photography’?

    The name Kismet means destiny, fate or as we like to say, "It is meant to be". The name came about in our search for studio space potentially in the Trafalgar Park area when we launched our business. As it happened this space didn’t work out but from the Trafalgar connection we settled on the name for our company ‘Kismet’ supposedly from Admiral Nelson’s last dying words. We liked the positive connotation of these words and for weddings feel it has the perfect meaning; from thereon, everything fell into place.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (3)

    3. Why did you choose to become wedding photographers, how long have you been capturing weddings and what do you love most about your job?

    We have been working in the Print and Photography industry now for over 30 years which has evolved naturally into our perfect job, working as photographers together and growing our business into what it is today.  It is the most flattering thing to be asked to photograph someone’s wedding, it is a life changing day and being able to share in that and express the significance and emotion of that day through the camera is a fantastic thing.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (7)

    4. How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

    A mix of contemporary and traditional, giving a timeless image. We particularly love to work with couples who share our passion and value what we do. We especially enjoy the opportunity to use creative lighting and produce images that will stand the test of time, producing Wall Art  that evokes emotion and beautiful memories.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (12)

    5. Briefly, talk us through a typical wedding day shoot?

    The weddings that we shoot are all so very different and it is wonderful that these days so many couples choose to create unique and creative celebrations that truly reflect who they are. We do still photograph many weddings that we would consider to be modern day traditional weddings and it would be fair to say that the majority of weddings fit into this category. I think that many couples really don't appreciate how much flexibility and creativity is possible and permitted!

    A typical wedding shoot for Kismet will see Sonja photographing the Bridal Preparations whilst Harry may be with the Groom before meeting up with Sonja to finalise the Bridal Prep pictures together. We then work together or independently  throughout the remainder of the day photographing all the key moments, details and people, taking great care to work discreetly and unobtrusively. A very special time for every couple is their Private Portrait session where we whisk them away from their guests for about 20 minutes. This is usually the only time on a wedding day where our couples can enjoy each other's company alone . . . except of course for their Ninja photographers! We are always told how much our couples value these special minutes alone.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (6)

    6. When it comes to wedding photography, couples are spoilt for choice. What
    makes you special and why should Brides and Grooms choose you?

    Both of us very much like to take a back seat when we are photographing a wedding and quietly capture all of those exciting and tearful family, friends and private moments, a kind of visual script of the day if you like.  Working together makes it possible, to capture all aspects of the day and to see events as they unfold from differing perspectives. We make a great team and can usually anticipate what the other is about to do. Sonja offers the creative eye whilst Harry is the techy guru and together this makes a great combination.

    So what are the benefits of choosing us? Well we certainly know our stuff! We have been doing this for years, and whilst training isn't the be all and end all we have been formally trained so combined with our experience any couple can be rest assured that their wedding photography is in safe hands. Photography is our full time profession, this isn't something we do on weekends to give us a little extra money, we take our business seriously and we know how important it is to get your wedding photography right!  As full time professionals you have the reassurance of knowing that we use equipment that is up to the job, we have back up gear, we work with a range of lenses to give you a variety of images, we back up your images in triplicate, we are fully insured and we will look after you.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (2)

    7. Who or what inspires you and how do you keep those creative juices flowing? What makes the perfect wedding album?

    We get our inspiration from everywhere, like most visually creative people, but especially Sonja who has a passion for capturing the detail in nature with a macro lens whilst Harry loves to capture shape, form and motion. Of course we are inspired by some of photography's greatest but frankly don't obsess about competitions or following other photographers. We admire art in all its forms that demonstrates a good understanding of composition, colour and light and love to play around with lighting ourselves to give artistic and interesting imagery.

    The perfect wedding album tells the complete wedding story, instantly transporting our couple right back to the magic of their very special day.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (5)

    8. Let’s talk trends … what kind of weddings are you mainly ‘shooting’?

    We are huge fans of the 'off the wall' wedding and love to capture those quirky little details of the alternative couple.  At the other end of the scale we relish photographing sumptuous high end celebrations too.

    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (11)

    9. When it’s not weddings, what else do you love to capture on camera?

    Sonja has recently launched Little Bean Baby Photography for babies up to 14 days old and continues to enjoy her jewellery photography whilst Harry has a full diary working with Artists, capturing and printing their work and a growing portfolio of commercial clients.


    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (1)

    10. If you weren’t a photographer, what else would you be doing now/what job would you love to do?

    Neither of us would wish to change what we do.


    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (8)

    ... and finally, are there any special tips you want to share with our Brides and Grooms?

    Oh there are lots and lots! Over the years we have encountered all manner of situations, most of which could have been avoided if only someone had taken the time to show or explain. Sometimes these are things that cost time, money or stress or even all three and most of the time these could have so easily been avoided.  It has been Sonja's dream over recent years to find a way to help couples plan their weddings, save money, avoid stress and share inspiring ideas, and so, in 2015 Barnfield Weddings was created to deliver Wedding Planning Workshops. Our workshops have proved to be very successful with couples and suppliers alike. Every few weeks we gather our team of preferred suppliers and host a themed Wedding Planning Workshop in our lovely old barn where information, ideas, hints and tips are freely shared over supper and drinks in a relaxing and non salesy environment.


    Kismet Photography - Starter for 10 (10)

  5. RNLI 2

     RNLI College Poole Love That Wedding! Show
    Get set for our BUMPER Spring Show | 02.02.20

    We have SUPER exciting news to share regarding our 2020 Poole RNLI Spring Wedding Show, happening on Sunday 2 February ...

    Next February, it will be one year since we launched our hugely popular Poole Love That Wedding! Show in association with the fab team at the RNLI College, Poole.  Any excuse to throw a party, we're going to celebrate with our BIGGEST DORSET WEDDING SHOW yet... and you're invited to join us!

    We've realised we need more space to showcase the best of Dorset's wedding collective, so for our Spring show, we will be following the model of our hugely popular 'flagship' Salisbury show, and turning the whole college into a 'Love That Wedding! Wonderland', which will feature up to 60 awesome must-meet suppliers from right across the county.

    Having welcomed almost 150 lovely couples to this fantastic event last February, we cannot wait for our second Poole show, which is quickly becoming the go-to wedding event in the area, both for engaged couples wanting to book suppliers for their big day and for suppliers eager to showcase their superb products and services and network with fellow industry profs.

    We'll be telling you more about our wonderful plans over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, SAVE THAT DATE!

    Suppliers! Want to meet the wedding-planning people of Dorset?

    Take advantage of our 'Early Bird' booking rates before 30th November and secure your place today - stands from just £95 (no VAT).

    We’ve tweaked our pricing structure ever so slightly and will now be offering 2 options; 1 for stands on the Ground Floor/Outside and 1 for stands on the First Floor.  We're pleased to also offer a special early bird rate, for bookings made before 30th November, so if you’d like to be there, now’s the time to secure your place and enjoy the savings on offer.

    Register your interest in exhibiting with us!

    We know this show will fill up quickly, so tell us today if you'd like to exhibit. Follow the link below and we will happily email you details.

    >> CLICK HERE to exhibit with us in Poole.

    RNLI Poole

  6. dinner jazz sax (directory) (11)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Dinner Jazz Sax
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you, your fab business and what you can offer Brides & Grooms to-be!

    I'm Graeme and I specialise in playing music that’s perfect for the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast, yet has a laid-back feel and is always unobtrusive.  So,  whether it’s for welcoming guests as they arrive for the ceremony, playing as the bride walks down the aisle or jazzing up the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, the mellow sound of my sax will sumptuously set the tone for the big day.

    I’ve been trading as Dinner Jazz Sax since 2012, although I’ve been a professional musician since 1996, and am based in Salisbury. This is a great location as it means I can cover Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire although I am happy to travel further afield  - I’ve got a wedding later this year in Luton thanks to Facebook!

    Through this time, I’ve played at over 100 weddings and was delighted to win the Wedding Musical Act Of The Year for the South West region in the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards.

    Although it’s only me who plays on the gigs, I’ve got quite a team behind me without whom I couldn’t do what I do. There’s Tamsin who sorts my artwork and publicity, Pete who services my sax and keeps it sounding lovely - - and James who works his piano magic on the tracks that I play along to -

    Dinner Jazz Sax (1)

    What's your favourite thing about weddings?

    It's such an honour to be involved in the biggest day of people’s lives and I still get a buzz from knowing that my music is contributing to that magical day couples have been planning for years. I have a lot of contact with my couples in the months leading up to their wedding to ensure that the style of music I play is perfect for them, and this means that when we get to the big day itself, I often feel like I’m playing at the wedding of a friend.

    Dinner Jazz Sax (2)

    What's hot right now? Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    I’m noticing with couples’ music choices that they are looking for that surprise element either by choosing something modern but giving it a retro twist, or by harking back to the swing / rock’n’roll eras with upbeat tunes that just have a happy feel about them.

    Dinner Jazz Sax (4)

    What do you offer that others can't? What makes you different and why should couples book you?

    My sound is completely different to other sax players out there as it’s just my sax and a piano track rather than full on band tracks that other people use.  Although they have their place in the right setting, for me it’s that classic mellow sax and piano sound that works so well as background music and ensures that my music enhances, not overpowers, the celebrations.

    My set up also makes me different as I don’t need to plug in to a power source which gives me complete freedom and flexibility with where I can play. So, imagine it’s raining and we’re set up inside but then the sun comes out and all the guests head outside into the garden – rather than play to an empty room, I just pick my speaker up and follow them outside!

    There’s also the way that I’ve structured my pricings which is different to other musicians, yet I feel is much better for the couple and the flow of their wedding day. I charge by the segment of the day i.e. the ceremony, the drinks, the wedding breakfast or a combination of the three, rather than by the hour which means that if timings run late, you’re not suddenly left without music because the musician has reached the end of their paid time. With me, if I’m booked for the drinks reception, I’ll play through the whole drinks reception regardless of how long it takes.

    Aside from the music, I’m also very meticulous in my planning ahead of a wedding, both with the couples and with their venue, so that we all know in advance what’ll be happening on the day. It goes without saying that I’ll always turn up to a wedding smartly dressed, fully prepared and ready to go!

    Dinner Jazz Sax (3)

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Sophisticated, affordable, personal, versatile, experienced.

    Dinner Jazz Sax (1)

    Finally, what top tips would you like to give our lovely soon-to-be-weds, planning their big day?

    Research! Before you book, take the time to get a feel for the different suppliers by talking with them, have an email conversation, check out their social media to make sure that they, and the service that they offer, is what you want for your day. The best place to get the ball rolling is at a wedding show and there’s none better than the Love That Wedding show at Salisbury City Hall on Sunday October 6th. Ahhh, thanks Graeme - click here to find out more!

    Let's get sociable, sociable!

    Like me on facebook and follow me on instagram.

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  7. Cakes by Helen 1

     Meet the Marriage Makers | Cakes by Helen
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    It’s just me, Helen Jalim! I am based in Christchurch, Dorset where I have lived all my life and where I now live with my husband and three sons. Whilst I’m busy baking, my husband supports me and does all my accounts.  

    I started my business in October 2009, so very soon, I will have been trading for 10 years. Without doubt I am fulfilling my dream – creating beautiful bespoke wedding and celebration cakes for the wonderful people of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

    Over the years I’m proud to have been awarded 7 distinctions in intermediate and advanced Royal Icing and Sugar paste and most recently I was awarded gold and silver, as well as ‘1st in category’ at Cake International London Excel.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    I love creating perfect cakes for my couples that makes their day extra special.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Marble effect and semi naked cakes are very popular at the moment and everybody loves a ruffle!

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique/special?

    The quality of my work and the taste of my cakes at competitive prices is the feedback I always get from my customers.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Beautiful, bespoke wedding cake service.

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Book early to avoid disappointment and secure your preferred suppliers. It's never too early to order your cake!

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    I'm thrilled to be exhibiting with Love That Wedding! at all their Salisbury and Poole wedding shows, so make a date to come along and sample my yummy cakes. I look forward to meeting you.

    Let's get sociable, sociable!

    Like me on facebook and follow me on instagram.

     Cakes by Helen 10

    Cakes by Helen 9

    Cakes by Helen 2


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    Photography : Peppermint Love


  8. dawn clarke designs (WFW) (1)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Dawn Clarke Designs
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    My name is Dawn and I am Dawn Clarke Designs, creator of classic vintage-inspired bespoke children’s clothing.   I’m based in Winchester, Hampshire, but I cover the whole of the UK and I’ve been trading for over six years and am loving every minute of it!  I specialise in creating bespoke handmade outfits totally tailored to the occasion, from perfect pageboy suits to special flower girl dresses. 

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    My favourite part of my job is meeting my clients, helping them feel relaxed and working with them to find out exactly what they want right through to choosing fabrics and selecting embellishments.   Then, I go into my wonderful magical world of sewing my heart out and having the thrill of knowing that I’m creating something so special. 

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    The hot trends right now for page boys are shades of blue, and, of course, how we can be sustainable and use carefully sourced fabric.   I’ve just finished a photoshoot which includes a beautiful flower girl dress I created using a Bride's Mother’s dress which she wanted to be created into a legacy of elegance and to bring the bond of the past with the present at a very special occasion.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    Dawn Clarke Designs offer a bespoke children’s clothing service which means you can work with me to ensure we work together to get exactly what you are looking for on your special day.  I also believe that every child should know what it’s like to wear an outfit that’s been sewn especially for them, a handcrafted heirloom to treasure. 

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Vintage Inspired Bespoke Children’s Clothing

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    My top tip would be to talk or try your clothing ideas out on the little ones before going ahead with an order.   There is nothing worse than selecting for example a pair of classic knickerbockers for the pageboy only to find he doesn’t want to wear them and wants a pair of big boy grown up formal trousers, like the best man!  You can’t force those lovely little ones to smile if they are not a happy bunny!

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    I’d love to hear about your special occasion coming up, so that we can discuss more ideas, with no obligation, so do feel free to get in touch.  Also, if you would like to see footage of my very special models celebrating my clothing at Winchester Fashion Week 2019, why not visit my website and don't forget to follow me on instagram and facebook to see more of my designs.

    dawn clarke designs (WFW) (3)

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  9. charlee hulbert makeup (header)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Charlee Hulbert Makeup
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    Hi! My name is Charlee and I am a bridal Makeup artist based in Wimborne but covering Dorset, Hampshire and beyond! I have been trading for 6 years as a bridal makeup artist after graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth with BA (Hons) Makeup for Media and Performance.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    My favourite part of my work is getting to know my brides throughout their makeup trials as well as the wedding morning where I think I can say I have witnessed all kinds of emotions from bridal parties, which can be really really touching! I absolutely love not just offering makeup services but being there to zip up dresses, drain and dry flowers and help in just about any way I can!

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Winged liner and lashes is a style I have continued to watch grow and incorporated into my style portfolio throughout the last couple of years – and also the style I have chosen for my own wedding in July! Also I have continued extending my makeup range to include more cruelty-free products, which has (quite rightly so) been really popular with brides!

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    This is the bit where I make a subtle joke about my unique personality – no just kidding. I have a distinct style, with a natural flair for ‘soft glam’ makeup, beautifully diffused skin and defined eyes tailored to flatter each of my brides, and look nothing less than gorgeous in front of the lens. I also find that being a bride myself at the moment has proved so helpful in understanding what each and every one of my clients is currently experiencing when planning their big day, and that provides some really healthy, relaxed conversation whilst carrying out bridal trials.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Specialist | Professional | Modern | Friendly | Polished

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Book things sooner than you think – particularly with bridal makeup – I have 2021 brides booked in with a lot of 2020 weekends now also being booked up. You can never be too prepared when it comes to wedding services and there is nothing wrong with making sure you get each and every one of your favourite suppliers! After all the early bird catches the worm!

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    I would LOVE for you to follow me on instagram and facebook where you can see what I've been up to and check out my latest looks.

    charlee hulbert makeup (directory) (3)

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  10. celebrant sally bawden (directory) (9)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Celebrant Sally Bawden
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    Hello! I'm Sally - a celebrant living, working in and covering Dorset and the surrounding areas.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry and with Brides and Grooms?

    I love the first initial meeting with a couple, sharing their excitement and getting to know them . Their reactions are amazing when I take the ceremony, as it's what we have been planning for months.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Couples have really bought into writing their own vows to each other as a surprise and conveying them in different ways. More unusual venues are being chosen too.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    I can offer a personalised wedding ceremony written solely for the couple, no standard scripts - the choice is theirs. They can really have exactly what they want.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Exciting | Dynamic | Bespoke | Interesting | Different

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    When couples decide on the venue they want, I recommend booking the celebrant at the same time.  You book the basic ceremony, which costs approximately £57 at Registry Office to sign the legal papers, then I will do the rest including ring exchange and vows.

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    A celebrant-led ceremony gives the couples a choice of venue (it does not have to be in a licensed premises) and a choice of ceremony.  There are no standard scripts, so couples have the freedom to choose what they want.

    Please feel free to follow me on instagram and facebook to see what wedding-related fun I've been up to. 

    celebrant sally bawden (directory) (8)

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  11. Sarah Williams Photography (5)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Sarah Williams Photography
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    Sarah Williams Photography consists of myself, Sarah the photographer and Alex, my husband and assistant who also takes photos too. We are based in East Sussex and Wiltshire but travel all over the UK - we have even captured a wedding in Italy so always happy to go where my couples' weddings take us!  I have been working as a professional photographer since 2003 and have been capturing weddings since 2007. The main photography services I offer are weddings, although I do occasionally do family shoots for my couples. I also work as a sports photographer specialising in Cricket and I work for Lord's Cricket Ground which I love.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry and with Brides and Grooms?

    I love everything about weddings and for me to be able to call this my job and capture each of my couple's beautiful weddings really is a dream.  It is so much hard work but also the most rewarding job too, and I really love to get to know each of my couples who choose me to capture their special day. Getting to be a part of each family for one day really is a privilege and I feel so lucky to be able to capture memories for my couples.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    I am certainly noticing a lot of my couples are going down the DIY route with their decorations and how they style their day to make it personal. I am seeing more al fresco celebrations and food is a big part in a lot of my couples day with a relaxed platter sharing style certainly starting to trend.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    I am all about personal service and I love to get to know each of my couples. I limit myself to a certain number of weddings a year as I really put so much into each wedding I capture. Each of my couples receive a welcome pack and we keep in touch right up to their day. After the wedding I like to hand deliver their final pack if I can and there are other little surprises I send out to my couples at the end of their wedding year too!

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Personal and friendly with a natural storytelling approach!

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Enjoy every second of planning your wedding because it really goes so fast. Don't be afraid to ask potential suppliers questions and make sure you feel totally comfortable with them and that they can provide what you both want. With your photography I always recommend my couples meet with/or have a phone call with a potential photographer in person if they can and also ask to see a full wedding gallery - not just photos that feature on an Instagram or Facebook page.

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    Please do take a moment to follow me on instagram and facebook for a flavour of my work!


    Sarah Williams Photography (2)

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  12. love by design (directory-header)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Love By Design Weddings & Events
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    - who are you/who’s in the team? I am Rachel, the founder and owner of Love By Design, a weddings and events styling company. On my team I have my husband Andy, who is the practical one and who climbs the ladders, and Hannah, who is my assistant stylist and has a great eye for detail! I also have Gina, who irons my chair drapes and sashes, which is a job I absolutely hate!

    - where are you based/where do you cover? I am based in Highcliffe near Christchurch, and cover all of Dorset, the New Forest and parts of Hampshire.

    - how long have you been trading? I launched Love By Design Weddings' website in January 2017 and went "live" in May 2017.

    - what do you do/specialise in/offer? We bring dream weddings to life! We specialise in creating bespoke, beautiful weddings which are unique to every couple. We design all the details that will give any day the WOW factor and even make handmade wedding decorations for both our couples and our Etsy shop.

    - any awards we should know about? I was a finalist in the Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards 2017 but have not entered any awards since, as I believe my reviews are far more important to couples when choosing a supplier. I am a recommended supplier to a number of fabulous venues in Dorset and Hampshire, which is an achievement and privilege in itself!!

    What is your favourite thing about working with Brides and Grooms?

    I love: being a part of such a happy occasion; hearing that I have taken all the stress away from couples by undertaking their styling; seeing couples on their wedding days smiling and relaxed; the friends I have made in the industry; the flexibility my job gives me to spend time with my family.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    I'm noticing that more couples are opting to hire in nice chairs so they can have chair drapes or chair ruffle hoods rather than resorting to the traditional chair cover and sash. Copper decor continues to be popular, and rustic weddings are still my number one request!

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    I offer handmade wedding decorations (which I also sell on Etsy) and a level of attention to detail that is second to none. I have spotted unironed chair hoods and sashes, unhemmed draping, and holes in chair covers - I have a team member dedicated to ironing, I sew all my drapes myself and leave no ragged edges, and if we spot a chair cover with a hole in it, it gets thrown onto the reject pile! My customer service is excellent; I have a background in management and customer service, so I know how important it is to be responsive and never keep anyone waiting longer than 2 days for a quote.  And I offer different levels of service to suit every budget.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Bespoke, creative, stylish, caring and friendly!

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Focus on the things that your guests will remember - the food, the atmosphere, the decor and the music, not forgetting the smiles on the bride and groom's faces!! They will not care one bit if you don't provide flip flops, sunglasses, favours, sweets, llamas, and a trip to the moon! Save your budget and pay for a professional photographer, florist and venue stylist - the flowers and styling will be in the majority of your photos, so getting these perfect will ensure the perfect details and backdrop for your shots! And remember - whatever happens, if at the end of the day you are married to the person you love, your day was a huge success!

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    I am a recommended supplier to The Old Vicarage, The Green House Hotel, Nothe Fort, and Kingston Country Courtyard.  I offer complimentary styling consultations at my home in Highcliffe and warmly invite you to follow me on instagram and facebook for some styling inspiration. 

    love by design (directory-showreel) (10)


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  13. the sweet suite artisan cakery (directory) (5) Aimee Joy Photography and De

    Meet the Marriage Makers | The Sweet Suite Artisan Cakery
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    My team consists of just little old me!  I make all my jams and caramels, bake and decorate every cake and create every sugar flower all on my own (I like to know it’s all done properly)!

    My kitchen is based in Poole, the perfect location to provide my cakes across both Dorset and Hampshire. I’ll happily go further afield though, I’ve delivered cakes to Wigan and had a cake flown to Canada!

    I offer my clients the ability to truly have a cake that suits them and their day. And if you’re after sugar flowers … I’m your girl! I’m happy to create realistic or stylised flowers that match your bouquet, I love to work with your florist to bring everything together. 

    I use British ingredients where I am able to, such as butter, milk, cream, eggs, flour and fruit when available.  I will only ever use free range eggs and Belgian chocolate. And, if there is a fair-trade option, I’ll go for it! 

    Most importantly, my business holds a 5* food hygiene rating (please always check your food supplier has been inspected by the council).

    I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted as a finalist at the Dorset wedding supplier awards. I have also won four international awards for the quality of my work, both sugar flowers and wedding cakes, for which I am incredibly proud!

    What is your favourite thing about working with Brides and Grooms?

    My favourite part of working with my couples is getting to know them and their day. I love holding consultations and designing a cake that truly reflects a couple's day.  The cake can bring together all parts of your day; your flowers, dress, colours, venue, or you can really go to town! I’ve made a Harry Potter themed cake, a grand piano and a boston terrier before. 

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    This year I am finding that geometrics, clean lines and succulents or statement flowers are a trend for my clients.  My couples are also starting to be more adventurous with cake flavour choices; cookies and cream, Black Forest and millionaire’s are the popular flavours this year.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you unique?

    What makes my business unique is that I tailor make every cake I make to an individual customer's needs, I’m not a one trick pony! Five tier cake with a floral cascade or a dessert table made up of lots of little goodies, it’s YOUR day, not mine.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Personal, Bespoke, Quality, British and Trusted.

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Please don’t leave booking your cake until 3 months before your date, especially if you are between the months of May – September. I hate turning people away, but I only have so many hours in the day! I always recommend that you get your cake maker booked in around 6-9 months before, if not more. We all get booked very quickly!

    How do I order my wedding cake?

    The first step is to pop me over an email with the date of your wedding, your venue, rough idea of guests and as much info as you can give me. This means I can check if I am free for you and get a rough idea of what size cake etc you may require. I can also give you an average price range for your needs.  
    We can then arrange a meeting where we can talk about your day, your likes/dislikes, you can sample some delicious cakes and most importantly, start designing your cake!
    I will then send you over your initial design and quote with all details of your day included. We can then make changes from the design if needed to make sure you are 100% happy with your cake in every way.
    Fast forward to your big day and you have no need to worry about setting up the cake. I deliver and set up all wedding cakes to ensure safe transit and proper handover to your venue.  

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    If you are looking for a cake maker, or just fancy a sweet treat, I will be starting to run bake up days on my social media platforms. I will be having baking days through the year where I will be making trays of my scrummy gluten-free Belgian Chocolate brownies, cupcakes, baked cheesecake slices and even more.  My cookie dough cheesecake goes down a treat, so be careful not to miss out!

    I am also in the process of developing my next international competition piece for later this year, so keep an eye out for my progress and results on instagram and facebook.

    The Sweet Suite Dorset


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  14. saddlers bar (directory) (3)

    Meet the Marriage Makers | Saddlers Bar
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    Saddlers Bar is a beautifully converted Horse Box Bar. Lined with copper, decked with oak and filled to the brim with delicious drinks. We serve a wide range to suit all tastes but can also specialise if you simply prefer a gin/prosecco/cocktail/pimms bar for your big day. A unique feature of our Horse Box is our on-board draft system serving icy cold lager, cider and ales. Essentially if it's drink-related, we have it covered!

    - who are you/who's in the team? 
    Saddlers is a family affair. Lela looks after the customers and arranges our bookings. Al brings the muscle power and big smiles no matter what’s going on and Maddie, our daughter is great when we need an extra pair of hands behind the bar.   We work so well as a family because we know eachother’s strong points and weaknesses so we can really plough our efforts in to the things we are all good at. 

    - where are you based and where do you cover?
    Saddlers HQ is in the leafy outskirts of the beautiful city of Salisbury. We cover the whole of the South.

    - how long have you been trading?
    We launched in May 2018 with a very busy first year.  To date we have completed over 20 events.

    - what do you specialise in and offer?
    Aside from delivering a stylish luxury bar service with everything you would expect to find in a bar, we also offer drinks packages to suit all occasions; arrival/reception drinks, table wine, and bespoke themed cocktails designed and named especially for our clients.

    - any awards we should know about?
    AWARDS - YES! We were very fortunate to be nominated for the ‘Best British Newcomer’ in the British Wedding Awards. This category is voted for by the general public and so we were ecstatic when, in February this year, we were crowned winners. It is so nice to be recognised for our efforts and to have such a prestigious award in our first year. We’ve also been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 Muddy Stilettos Award for ‘Best Bar in Wiltshire’ – how exciting is that! Voting closes in 6 days, so if you’d like to vote for us, we would be super grateful - here’s the link >>

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    Our speciality is weddings! We have been privileged to be part of so many weddings in quite a short period of time. There is something very special about being able to contribute to such an intimate and special event, which makes our job so rewarding.  The bar is an integral element to any good party and so we really enjoy making sure that every little detail is taken care of; from our polished paintwork and shiny hubcaps, through to the quality of the strawberries in our pimms. We get even more excited if we can get a little bit creative and encompass the theme of your wedding in to the décor of the bar for the day.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Our predictions are around the "less is more" theory. We are seeing more and more small and intimate DIY weddings as couples want to personalise with meaningful touches that reflect their relationship, interests, and sense of style. Our old friend ‘tradition’ is often being offered the day off and little miss ‘creativity’ is working overtime to create less with more.

    From a Bar perspective this is definitely the year of the cocktail but, with a growing focus on quality and provenance of ingredients. There are so many good spirits on the market now, but there are also some pretty awful ones too. We take the guess work out and ensure top notch tipples by road-testing all of our products (tough job we know!).

    Couples are also loving having a personalised cocktail designed for them and named after them, or their dog, or even a special place.  

    What is not in, is over-the-top, in-your-face, bigger-is-better weddings. ‘keeping up with trends’ and filling the day with fussy trinkets and ‘wedding-alia’ is out, out, out.

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you special?

    What attracts customers to our beautiful bar is our stunning good looks of course (the bar that is – not us)! We have spared no expense in creating a stunning addition to your big day with the highest grade materials of copper and oak, beautiful ambient lighting, and hi-tech equipment... the list goes on.

    What makes us different is that we invest a huge amount of time in sourcing great products from small batch producers and crafting excellent drinks from our finds. We meet the producers and each product has to earn a place on the shelf by demonstrating excellent craftsmanship, provenance and taste. This means that along with your all-time favourite drinks, in our bar you will always discover a new favourite to share with your friends. We believe this should be the benchmark standard for all bars and that everyone should be able to enjoy a little bit of luxury on their special day so, we keep our prices low. Simple.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Stylish, Sophisticated and Seriously-Good Drinks (is that 6 words?!?)

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    A common misconception is that it will be simple to buy your own alcohol and run a “DIY Bar”. The truth is, it can be achieved but it is certainly not simple. How much stock is needed? How do you chill your drinks? Glasswear? Who is responsible for the bar once everyone is tipsy? Who will clear up? What about allergies? And then there is the all-important ICE!!!! Who calls last orders? The outcome is often very messy.

    It can cost as little as £250 to hire a beautiful bar with licenced staff and all of the accompaniments needed, to serve deliciously chilled drinks to your guests, and we take care of the clear up operation too. After all of the effort that you will have invested in to planning your dream day, don’t leave this key element to chance.

    Above all, our general wedding planning advice would be to keep things simple. Work out a budget and keep a close eye on it. Pick your top 5 must-haves and build on them. Venue, dress/suits, bar, caterer, music.  If you are at the very early stages of planning, a good starting point for inspiration is pinterest.  Create a board for each of your top 5’s, but limit yourself to 10 images per board (one in, one out). This will help to narrow down what you want to achieve without swamping yourself with too many ideas.  

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    We would absolutely love for you to follow us on instagram and facebook, and if you're looking for a beautiful bar for your big day, please do bear us in mind. "Cheers!"


    Saddlers Bar


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  15. emily celebrant (directory)

     Meet the Marriage Makers | Emily Celebrant
    proudly part of 'The Recommended Collection'


    Tell us a little about you and your lovely business!

    I’m Emily and I am an Independent Celebrant living Marlborough, Wiltshire with my husband and cat, Holly who sometimes likes to make an appearance on video calls!  I travel all over the country to conduct wedding celebration ceremonies and absolutely love the variety in my work.

    I have been a celebrant for five years and began when I conducted my sister's wedding celebrations on a farm in Sussex.  I was hooked from that moment!

    It is important to me that each couple feels confident that they are at the heart of what I do.  I take a limited number of ceremonies per year to ensure that they are all bespoke and highly personal.  I only conduct one per day so that I can be flexible when last minute issues may arise. I take great pleasure in writing unique scripts, weaving in the important moments, adventures and funny quirks so that, on the big day there are smiles, tears and laughter as the couple and their guests journey together through the telling of a beautiful love story.  Some couples wish to include unity ceremonies and if they are not too keen on the usual ones, I’m happy to create a new one (or add a twist to the old). 

    In 2018, I won the award for the Most Outstanding Celebrancy Practice for Families and Couples in the UK.  This award was so important to me because it was voted for by the families and couples I have worked with, and it is their opinion that matters to me the most.

    What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

    I love the variety in my work, and the buzz of love!  When I first meet my couples and watch them go from being a little nervous to completely relaxed as they share their wonderful stories, and all the fabulous details about their relationship, I am always filled with excitement!  I can’t wait to start creating their ceremony, and making it perfect for them.

    Are you spotting any trends for 2019/2020?

    Hoops in all manner of shapes and sizes are very popular this season.  Hoops are great because they are highly symbolic of unity and togetherness which are the underpinning themes of a wedding celebration ceremony.

    I’m liking the move towards more colourful wedding dresses as well.  There are going to be some real treats on the aisles over the next couple of years. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing one of my brides next February – her dress is a masterpiece!

    What do you offer that others can’t? What makes you special?

    My couples are at the heart of all I do, and so it is important to me that their ceremony is perfect.  From the moment a couple first makes contact I spend a lot of time communicating with them, sharing ideas and thoughts, working with them to ensure I know what they really want from their ceremony.  I am creative, flexible, an excellent listener and 100% dedicated to my work.  My ceremonies always become an integral part of the celebrations, not just the bit before the party starts.

    What five words would you use to describe your business?

    Bespoke | Heartfelt | Professional | Award-Winning | Personal

    What top tips would you like to share with our lovely couples planning their big day?

    Let your ceremony be a moment of sanctuary where you can reflect on your relationship, love, and the love you share with your family and friends.  Make it a true reflection of you as a couple, and allow your promises to come from the heart.  When you sit down to write these, don’t think too much; just feel.  Start by listing some key words, outlining what you love about one another and what promises you wish to make for your future together.  Use these as the core points, then your words will start to flow and your vows will be perfect!

    How are you different to a registrar?

    I am not a registrar, so I am unable to complete the actual legal signing of the marriage certificate or say the declaratory and legislative words.  However, there is no reason that I cannot work at licenced venues, because a celebrant-led ceremony has no legal status.  More often than not though, celebrant ceremonies are held in interesting or quirky locations in or outside unlicensed venues where a legal marriage ceremony is not permitted. 

    Many couples are now choosing to complete the legal ceremony on a different day during a more intimate ceremony with just their witnesses.  These tend to take place at the register office during the week.  It is always nice to follow this with a champagne lunch! 

    There are no legalities around the exchanging of wedding rings, and so many couples like to include this in their celebrant-led ceremony (or in both)!   At the close of a wedding celebration ceremony, there is the opportunity to sign a complimentary keepsake certificate as a lovely reminder of the day. 

    As a celebrant, I am not restricted by marriage laws, so I can conduct a ceremony at whatever time and wherever you like.  We can include any content you choose, for example a toast, religious blessings or ritual. These would not be possible in the statutory ceremony.  I also like to include a lot of personal detail, creating a unique script for each of my couples, making their day extra special. 

    Anything else you would like to tell us?

    Do feel free to follow me on instagram and facebook, to get a better idea of how I can help!


    Emily Celebrant (Photographers - Pip and Simon)

    Photo Credit : Pip & Simon

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