IF YOU WANT COUPLES TO EASILY FIND YOU, YOU need A WEBSITE if you want those couples to easily book you, you need a great website

... and I know just the person who can help you with that!

I firmly believe that every wedding business, no matter how small, needs a decent website! Why? Here are the main reasons, but there are many more :

  • increases your visibilty and makes it easier for couples to find you
  • increases your credibility - it makes you look more professional and helps to build trust in you
  • increases revenue - more people are likely to buy from you if you have a website
  • reduces the risk of you losing business to competitors that already have a website
  • helps grow your audience, social media following and generate leads
  • provides a great platform for you to professionally showcase your products and services
  • saves you time - you might receive lots of calls/texts/DMs asking simple questions. Let's streamline everything and get it on your website. Equally you might find yourself having to ask couples lots of questions - we can take care of that with a simple enquiry form they can complete.
  • social media alone is not enough - honestly, it isn't!

Great news! A decent website need not cost the earth.  You do not need to invest thousands and thousands of pounds in order to have a stylish and successful online presence.  I create beautiful easy-to-use and easy-to-edit 'brochure' websites for small creative wedding businesses - websites you can either easily manage yourself or I can help - either by doing it for you, or showing you how you can do it yourself.   

Professionally designed, affordable and provided with ongoing, friendly support, whether you are launching your first ever website or you want to improve your existing website, with my help we will have all eyes on your business. 

Are you looking to create your first website? Do you not like your current website? Do you not have the option or the skills to create or update your website yourself? Has your business expanded and outgrown your current website? Do you need it to do more? Do you want to increase your visbility, leads and revenue? Do you want to give your website or your brand a makeover? I can help with all this and more. 

Your investment

Packages The various options and prices are detailed below.  Of course, not all websites are the same and there may be elements that you do or do not need or may wish to change.  As your business grows, you can upgrade to a bigger package. I can also quote for additional pages, features and tools.

Website / Hosting Our prices are only for the design and build.  Hosting and other website charges are not included.  You can expect to pay an annual fee of between £100-£150 direct to the website provider (the company that provides the platform and templates we use). Website hosting is included, but this does not include email hosting (see below). 

Domain Name This is your chosen web address/url eg. www.lovethatwedding.com. You might already have a domain name - if not, you will need to buy one - they're pretty cheap. I can help you with that!

Email Hosting If you want to create an email address using your domain name, eg. [email protected], you will need separate email hosting. You might have this already, but if not I can also set that up for you. If you have a business email address that uses a service like gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc, and are happy to continue using that email address, you do not need separate email hosting. 

Setting Up I'll take care of everything for you and get your new website live! 

E-Commerce Website If you are looking to sell items on your website, I will be totally honest - that isn't my area of expertise.  The websites I create are generally online 'brochures' - ideal for businesses that want to increase their online visibility and showcase/promote their products/services to engaged couples, with a view to generating more enquiries and more bookings. 

My design and build service involves me creating a brand new website for you, using my preferred provider - a business I've worked with since 2008 and can fully trust and rely on.  I cannot make any changes to your existing website, if you have one. 


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let's get started

Our BASIC package includes :

  • 1 continuous professionally designed page
  • up to 4 professionally designed sections
    - home
    - about
    - services/what we do
    - contact
  • gallery/portfolio slideshow (up to 10 images)
  • basic enquiry form
  • social media links
  • 2 design revisions

Build Time : 1-2 weeks
Investment : from £395

Who is the BASIC website for?

This affordable option is perfect for wedding suppliers that are just starting out or those that need a small but professional looking site.  It's ideal for businesses wanting to quickly get their website up and running. This website contains basic information about the business, allowing them to be found online.

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let's improve it

Our BETTER package includes :

  • up to 5 professionally designed pages
    - home
    - about
    - services/what we do
    - contact us
    - testimonials
  • gallery/portfolio page (up to 20 images)
  • basic enquiry form
  • social media links
  • interactive google map
  • 3 design revisions

Build Time : 2-3 weeks
Investment : from £695

Who is the BETTER website for?

Still a relatively affordable option, this website is ideal for wedding suppliers that need a larger site to share more information. They are ready to grow their businesses and need individual pages in order to expand their content. 

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let's go all out

Our BEST package includes :

  • up to 10 professionally designed custom pages to use however you wish
  • blog
  • custom elements, for example : 
    - expandable FAQ section
    - image gallery slideshows
    - rolling testimonials
    - video
    - social media widgets
    - calendar
  • gallery/portfolio page (up to 30 images)
  • bespoke enquiry form
  • social media links
  • interactive google map
  • 4 design revisions

Build Time : 3-4 weeks
Investment : from £995

Who is the BEST website for? 

This website is ideal for established wedding suppliers that have even more fabulous content to share. With 5 additional pages taking the total number of pages to 10, you can use all 10 pages however you wish. This option introduces a bespoke enquiry form, allowing you to ask couples specific questions, making information gathering easier and saving you time. This website also introduces a blog, allowing you to share even more great content with your followers. 

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let's have a chat

I can create a BESPOKE website for you, tailored to your own unique requirements.

A superb example of this would be the website we created for Wedding & Event Stylists, Love with Letters.

They needed lots of pages to showcase all their beautiful products.  It was my biggest build yet and I was extremely proud when a bride, having browsed lots of websites for venue decorators, told them it was "the best website she had seen"!  You can check it out here. 

Build Time : 4+ weeks
Investment : from £1195

Who is the BESPOKE website for? 

You need more than 10 pages and you want me to utilise all the various tools, features and elements available to me to create a truly outstanding bespoke website. 

as standard, all our websites include

  • an initial consultation
  • template and colour scheme to compliment your brand
  • setting up your new website and making it live
  • transferring hosting, where appropriate
  • search engine submission
  • optimised title tags and meta descriptions
  • basic SEO optimisation
  • image optimisation
  • responsive website - this means it can easily be viewed on all devices : phones/tablets/laptops/desktop PCs
  • content management system (CMS) - this gives you total freedom and flexibility to edit your website, yourself
  • 1:1 personal handover; a basic training session on how to edit your website so you can make changes going forward
  • cookies and privacy policies
  • ongoing friendly technical support

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take a look at some of my recent work

I am so proud to have helped these amazing business owners - not only do they have beautiful new websites, they are also being found that much easier online.  Some are appearing on the first page of google and some are even occupying the top spot on the first page.  They are receiving daily enquiries and their diaries are quickly filling up - now that's the kind of result I'm striving for and want to achieve for you!

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antrobus house (weddings)

Web Design

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love with letters

Rebrand & Web Design

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Rebrand & Web Design

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antrobus house (main)

Rebrand & Web Design

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Rebrand & Web Design

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disco dion

Web Design

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love that wedding!

... and obviously I created my own branding and website and design all my own marketing material too.